Raw and Sustainable

We absolutely love the fact that our raw and sustainable  ingredients are Fair Trade, supporting farming without the use of fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals. Each and every iRaw and Raw Nature product you purchase and each each iRaw facial and body treatment you enjoy has a flow on effect; it means we need to purchase more ingredients, which benefits the lives of so many others and especially, it has a huge impact on bettering the lives of women and children. Better living standards, better choices, education, shelter, food, medical assistance and more.

The Secret To Community Empowerment

By providing a safe and secure environment for women to work in, it provides not only financial support and hence stability to the household but also a sense of purpose and increased self-esteem. Giving her an option to master her craft allows her to lead by example to her children, often breaking the cycle.

A good Fair Trade buying system mainly focuses on exchanging goods or services for a fair pay in the marketplace and grants access for small growers to the world stage. However iRaw further warrants that the process is not just legally above board but also is ethically sound.

Changing Lives

Purchasing with care ensures sustainability for many lives, including a focus on women and children, enabling them to have an education and a brighter future.

iRaw also has a commitment to No Animal Testing. This means that the ingredients and finished products are not tested on animals, not just the finished products as some others may refer to. 

The iRaw brand is Vegan, whilst Seaologie is Non-vegan. However, the Seaologie products are also not tested on animals.