Important Stuff

No animal testing


No animal testing by us or anyone else on our behalf, on ingredients or finished products. It’s a big fat NO from us. Just because you can, why would you? This practice is from the dark ages when people didn’t know better, didn’t have other up-to-date methods and didn’t have the education that we now have. If you have any doubts about an ingredients efficacy or possible harm, don’t use it. It’s that simple and we have an abundance of gorjuss ingredients to use! 

We say YES


To sustainability, respect, truthfulness, happiness, love, passion, being eco, earth-loving, kind conscientious consumers, giving back to nature and our beautiful fellow peeps.

There’s no point if there is no point. Why work, why be in business, if you’re not trying to make a difference...




Join us on the mission of reaching hundreds of thousands of people, meeting them with interest, compassion, thoughtfulnes, care and appreciation. 

We also invite you to donate a cup of coffee to someone less fortunate and make their day! 

Flow effect


It’s pretty special knowing that when you purchase iRaw products, it’s having a flow-on effect, helpiing improve the lives of others so they can access better healthcare, gain education and have choices! 

Fair Trade


Fair Trade! It’s a win-win for everyone and all round good feelings to be had. Thanks, beautiful people for helping us help’re totally awesome xx

My choices make me feel good


  • Sustainable
  • Eco
  • Earth-loving
  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Raw
  • Made with Passion and Love