Seaologie is unique

Seaologie is about pure pristine Australian seas, bursting with vitality and energy and sourcing the finest ingredients to bring health and harmony to your skin. It's about a commitment and passion to provide clean opulent skincare with results.
It's about our motivated team in the waters happily collecting superior ingredients and enjoying the journey from collection to finished products fresh on the shelves for you to purchase. Our time-honoured family recipes combine the richest sea ingredients with the highest potency and blend them with botanicals grown in unpolluted soils. It excites the Seaologie team to be able to provide such innovative results driven products and we know you will enjoy every product too.

Essence of Australia

In every product, you can experience the essence of Australia, from the way the products enhance your skin, to the way they make you feel and to the serene and sometimes stimulating aromas. Feel the golden sun, the brilliant blue waves and crystal clear skies as the products give your skin the purest cleanse, and the deepest saturation of essential fatty acids with sea ingredients to give clarity and brightness to your complexion. Delight in the aromas that drift connecting to your senses.
Negative ions creating positive moods; it's no secret that our family loves the sea. But being at the beach causes you to inhale a huge dose of 'feel-good' molecules in the form of tasteless, odourless, and invisible molecules; negative ions, and they are responsible for increasing serotonin in the blood, alleviating depression and stress, and increasing energy. We believe that the transference of this beautiful energy can be felt when using Seaologie products.

Department Store, Spa & Online

Experience, enjoy and purchase Seaologie products in selected Stores or Spas. If unavailable in a Store or Spa near you, we make the products available direct via
Experience the tranquillity of Australian seas, and enjoy the purity and rewards the products bring to your skin.

Phyto Nutrients

Seaologie skin treatments provide superior rejuvenating results

Marine Ingredients

Potent, soothing, targeting skin irregularities, bringing about brighter, clearer complexions

Results Driven

Skincare with optimum results, giving the benefits of radiant, luminous skin

Distributors Required

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Professional Products

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