Trial Teams

Hi, I'm Ann G!

I'm Ann G and I'm taking part in a product trial. This is me before the trial.

I have combination skin; oily parts, dryness and flaky skin and I'm looking for this to change.

Day 10

I feel these products really work. I can say that my skin radiance has improved by 70%,

I no longer have dry patches and the oiliness has improved substantially. I don't have to keep applying the product and when I wake up, my skin is still moisturised. 

Even though I have a cold in this photo, my skin has never been better and I have zero spots!

Key Ingredients

Ann has been using the Turmeric Serum - find it in the online shop.

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Trial Teams Cont

Hi, I'm Karen B - Day 10

I have been taking part in a skincare trial and my results have been really positive. I have a bad habit of picking at pimples, but that is just one of my skin issues.

My skin and overall complexion has improved by about 60%. I think it looks brighter and better now when I'm not wearing make-up. 

My cheeks feel smoother in terms of congested pores. Any blemishes flatten by 60-70% and scars have improved by 60% and this is only day 10!

My skin is 50-60% tighter and softer and my Dad told me my face is looking good!

Days 11 - 26

Something remarkable has happened; I've had blemishes since a teenager and now I am 98% blemish free - this Serum has kept them at bay!

My skin is 70% softer and I've had 60% improvement with lines. 

Key Ingredients

Now revealed, this magical Serum is our Turmeric Serum which can be found in the online shop.

Trial Teams Cont...

Hi, I'm Ann H!

I'm Ann H (75-85 years old) and I've been using the Trial Product, which has shown really positive results. 

My concerns were that I wanted increased elasticity, reduced lines and tightened skin. 

Day 10

Day 10 and I'm very happy with the results. My skin is a lot softer, by 95% already and my skin feels a lot tighter. This Serum really works so well!

Key Ingredients

For this product, refer to Turmeric Serum in the online shop.