Setting the pace



The best we can wish one another is happiness. If life is bringing you down, ‘choose your space’. Hang out with different people, join a community cause, get a degree, take up a hobby, just do what is best for you and be your own best friend. If nothing changes....nothing changes. Make the change to create your path. If you need professional help, GET it. There’s nothing wrong with talking to someone and everything wrong with ignoring a vital part of you - your mind. It’d be like ignoring that you have teeth and not having a check up. 

It‘s totally OK for everyone to have a check up with a therapist. 

Join  in saying it’s OK! It means you’re helping to prevent the risk of suicide. 

Join the fight against animal testing

Fight with us against animal testing

Everything has a right to life and nothing is here for our purpose to be used in any form. We do not test our products on animals and we don’t hand them to someone else to do it on our behalf and neither do our suppliers. Vote with your dollars. Buy ethically and know you’re not contributing to the needless suffering but you’re actually making changes.


Buying iRaw means you’re helping achieve healthier communities

Sustainable practices is what we’re about, from conservative use of power, to eco packaging where packaging is needed, recycling, minimising waste, planting a majority of our own produce for use in our products wherever possible to cut down emissions, And where necessary, the purchase of ingredients that we need to buy in will come from sustainable farming practices supporting women and children in smaller communities whereby it enables them to be able to make choices, have education and health care and self-worth.



Ethical, pure and natural skincare doesn’t have to be all serious and boring. iRaw is quite the opposite. Fun, laughter, creativity, inclusion, passion and love, with a full on zest for offering you something different, helping to spread the happiness and love.

Being fair

Passion and love

In being fair to others, it also means requiring the same for ourselves. It includes respecting that iRaw is run by humans (yep, sometimes mistakes happen), and we don’t work 24/7 so any demands or rudeness (you just can’t believe anyone could be rude, hey?!) just doesn’t fly with us. We love choosing our space and choosing who it’s shared with. Ok, now that the line is drawn, let’s get on with having fun! 


Whole plants, no cutting corners, true purity and real value

Because we give a you know what, we have our own long list of what of what we don’t do and one of them is that we don’t abuse ingredients by taking one component out and discarding the rest. To give an example, a lot of skincare businesses take the aroma component out of the essential oil which means it only contains the aroma but no longer has any therapeutic effect. We use whole essential oils, for your benefit as they have a therapeutic effect on both mind and body.